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Joys of January 10-pack. Each pack included 2 cans of Heavenly Body, Hellraiser Dark Amber, Coffee Cream Stout, Intentional IPA, and Victory Citrus Wheat.
Recoverers & Discoverers Variety Pack

Recoverers & Discoverers Variety Pack

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Have a Joyful January with a variety pack of WellBeing NA craft beers!

Each variety pack includes:

2 cans of Intentional IPA 

2 cans of Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

2 cans of Hellraiser Dark Amber

2 cans of Victory Citrus Wheat + Electrolytes

2 cans of Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout (Seasonal)

10 beers total

...and receive a Seven Joys of Sober Booklet* too!