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About the WellBeing Brewing Company

I’m Jeff Stevens, founder of WellBeing Brewing, and I’m a Non-Alcoholic.

When I was 24, I quit drinking alcohol. It was pretty obvious at that moment of clarity that booze and I were never going to have a successful relationship.

However, from almost the beginning of my recovery, I still went out to bars. I loved listening to live music. I also was working in the music, beer, and spirits marketing industry and I was out a lot and constantly surrounded by alcohol.

I drank NA beer. It saved me in many ways and it allowed me to participate fully in the fun and stay sober.

Fast forward to today and an entire explosion of craft brewing has transformed the beer industry and yet, for me, NA beer is still pretty much what it once was: not that great tasting. The world has passed it by.

Until now.

I’m so excited to start the WellBeing Brewing Company, the country’s very first brewery solely dedicated to brewing Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer.

The WellBeing Brewing Company plans to bring the world great tasting craft beers of all varieties, styles, seasonals, and tastes, all without alcohol!

How we do it:
Unlike many NA beers that use a method called stop-fermentation (which says it all), we fully brew the beer.

We then use the latest in de-alcoholization technology to ever so gently remove the alcohol from the beer. Our process is so gentle that the beer barely notices. What you are left with is great tasting beer, with all the flavor and aromatics intact, that is 0.0 ABV or truly alcohol-free.

What will our first products be?

Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat is the first offering from the Wellbeing Brewing Company. It is based on a Great American Beer Festival award-winning recipe! This American-Style Wheat Beer is light and refreshing, with fewer calories and more flavor than its light lager cousins. We add a hint of Cascade and German Tradition hops for a slight citrus character that balances the lighter malts in this refreshing beer. Clean and crisp, this handcrafted Unfiltered Wheat Ale is a great beer for after sports, yoga, or anytime you are taking care to watch what is going in your heavenly body.

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber is the brew to drink when you are out with your friends ready to have a good time. This British Brown Ale has soft chocolate, caramel, and toasted nut flavors and just enough earthy hops to offset the sweetness of the malt. The balance of full flavor makes this tasty brown ale easy to drink anytime or all the time. This beer proves you can have just as much fun without all the alcohol!

Join the Wellbeing Brewing community and sign up today to get early-bird discount offers and to know exact dates of when our NA beers will be available to taste and toast.