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Solely Dedicated to Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Raise a glass!

I bought a six-pack from Fields last weekend. As a mother (on her second pregnancy in three years) who loves craft beer, this is by far the best NA beer I've had. All I can say is -- THANK YOU!

Maggie M.

As a recovering alcoholic who loved craft beer, all the mass produced NA beer left a lot to be desired. I ordered your Dark Amber and just had one. All I can say is wow! I cannot believe this is an NA beer. Easily the best NA beer I’ve ever had, nothing even comes close. Thank you for this! You have a customer for life and I look forward to trying your other beer!


A serious upgrade from the non-alcoholic beer I had been drinking. @wellbeingbrewing tastes shockingly good. My husband--a craft beer lover who still drinks alcohol sometimes--chose this n/a dark amber over a "real beer." I know n/a beers are not for everyone, but I love having great tasting options that prevent me from feeling excluded. Good job @wellbeingbrewing I can't wait to see what you brew up next!

Joy M.

Taking a break from drinking and you guys are incredible. Hellraiser actually tastes as good as or better than most beers I've had... and I've had a lot! 

Chris B.

It's so fun letting beer geek cicerones taste the Golden Wheat, and not telling them it's NA until after. I got thumbs up from all 3, and they were all blown away that it was an NA.

Eric R.

Got a chance to try this yesterday. VERY solid. I love beer, and will drink NAs occasionally. Usually stick with the Europeans, like Clausthaler, Buckler and St. Pauli, or Penn’s Best when I want to drink on the cheap. Heavenly Body is different from all of them; it actually tastes like a wheat beer! I’m impressed, and very much looking forward to the next offering.

Jim S.

Best N/A Beer I've ever had! If "American Wheat" was a style, that is where I would put it. Nice balanced flavor.

Eric L.

I’m flabbergasted! After choking down NA swill for 30+ years, my first Hellraiser brought a tear to my eye. So rich and full-bodied with perfect mouthfeel. Cheers to you all!

Joe S.

Hands down the best non-alcoholic beer I've ever had.

Jen C.