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Solely Dedicated to Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

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It's so fun letting beer geek cicerones taste the Golden Wheat, and not telling them it's NA until after. I got thumbs up from all 3, and they were all blown away that it was an NA.

Eric R.

A serious upgrade from the non-alcoholic beer I had been drinking. @wellbeingbrewing tastes shockingly good. My husband--a craft beer lover who still drinks alcohol sometimes--chose this n/a dark amber over a "real beer." I know n/a beers are not for everyone, but I love having great tasting options that prevent me from feeling excluded. Good job @wellbeingbrewing I can't wait to see what you brew up next!

Joy M.

I bought a six-pack from Fields last weekend. As a mother (on her second pregnancy in three years) who loves craft beer, this is by far the best NA beer I've had. All I can say is -- THANK YOU!

Maggie M.

Got a chance to try this yesterday. VERY solid. I love beer, and will drink NAs occasionally. Usually stick with the Europeans, like Clausthaler, Buckler and St. Pauli, or Penn’s Best when I want to drink on the cheap. Heavenly Body is different from all of them; it actually tastes like a wheat beer! I’m impressed, and very much looking forward to the next offering.

Jim S.

Received my first case of Heavenly Body Golden Wheat on Thursday night. It is outstanding. Cheers to WellBeing Brewing!

Tanya B.

Hands down the best non-alcoholic beer I've ever had.

Jen C.

Best N/A Beer I've ever had! If "American Wheat" was a style, that is where I would put it. Nice balanced flavor.

Eric L.

Best non alcoholic beer I've tasted. Great wheat flavor.

Joel B.