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Solely Dedicated to Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Wellbeing Brewing MERCH


A serious upgrade from the non-alcoholic beer I had been drinking. @wellbeingbrewing tastes shockingly good. My husband--a craft beer lover who still drinks alcohol sometimes--chose this n/a dark amber over a "real beer." I know n/a beers are not for everyone, but I love having great tasting options that prevent me from feeling excluded. Good job @wellbeingbrewing I can't wait to see what you brew up next!

Joy M.

Very happy I took the time to discover and order the Dark Amber Beer...yes beer! My friend said if she didn't tell me there was no alcohol I would have never known and she was right. Full bodied and love the low calories. Thank you Wellbeing for brewing my new favorite post tennis beverage!

Ellie M.

I quit drinking about 2 years ago now. I loved a good Blue Moon, once I stopped drinking I started drinking N/A's so the age old question, "Why aren't you drinking tonight?" didn't have to be answered. I found Heavenly Body Wheat and love it. Tastes great, half the calories of a alcoholic beer and I don't feel like hell for the next 2 days after drinking them. Can't wait until EVERY establishment I frequent has these. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this great tasting beer.

Tom L.

Got a chance to try this yesterday. VERY solid. I love beer, and will drink NAs occasionally. Usually stick with the Europeans, like Clausthaler, Buckler and St. Pauli, or Penn’s Best when I want to drink on the cheap. Heavenly Body is different from all of them; it actually tastes like a wheat beer! I’m impressed, and very much looking forward to the next offering.

Jim S.

Taking a break from drinking and you guys are incredible. Hellraiser actually tastes as good as or better than most beers I've had... and I've had a lot! 

Chris B.

As a recovering alcoholic who loved craft beer, all the mass produced NA beer left a lot to be desired. I ordered your Dark Amber and just had one. All I can say is wow! I cannot believe this is an NA beer. Easily the best NA beer I’ve ever had, nothing even comes close. Thank you for this! You have a customer for life and I look forward to trying your other beer!


I’m flabbergasted! After choking down NA swill for 30+ years, my first Hellraiser brought a tear to my eye. So rich and full-bodied with perfect mouthfeel. Cheers to you all!

Joe S.

So much of the culture is geared towards, “What’s wrong?” if you take a night off from drinking rather than, “Nice, good on you for taking care of yourself” right?!

I love that WellBeing offers a product that helps people choosing not to drink to feel included.

Sober In Vegas

Adding this to my arsenal of non-alcoholic beverages. It's perfect for any occasion, but particularly outdoor and family activities when you want to keep a level head: Swap your regular beer for this on the Fourth, and you might get through the holiday with all your fingers! Try it at thanksgiving instead of the boozy stuff, and be able to school your racist uncle articulately for a change! And remember that Christmas where you showed your "package" to Santa? Never again. Stay sober, be satisfied.

Annie C.