Our Values

Our Mantras

Raise WellBeing – Mind + Body + Spirit. You are healthier and much more present being proudly non-alcoholic - which raises the wellbeing for you and everyone around you.

Bring Social to Sobriety – Let's shatter that old-age story that you must drink alcohol to have fun. We all know that's some old BS. 

Mindful of Our Mental Health – Alcohol can be a mask, a crutch, and at its worst, a depressant. Let's embrace bringing the things we may want to bury into the light and find freedom in being human. 

Connect through Inclusivity – We show all people who don’t drink alcohol, or are simply taking the night off, the same love in every social situation they encounter.  

A non-alcoholic craft beer that brings a lot of fun and a spiritual path? Crazy right - but is it?

We Only Get One Life.

So let's Spark Mind + Boost Body + Raise Spirit!

We're passionate about being proudly non-alcoholic, and yet we never want to sound too preachy – bangin’ on about sobriety or the next self-help craze, because let’s face it, beer is just too damn much fun.

After all, we’re surrounded by alcohol - it’s the playground we live in. And while we can embrace our dark side with the best of them, our reason for being is solely dedicated to living a life of freedom, growth, and transformation.

WellBeing is about supporting people on the path to living their best life. We understand it takes work, it doesn’t come over night, but like anything you put effort into, it’s one day at a time and we're right here with you.