People ask us, what’s up with this symbol?

From the beginning, we knew that well-crafted Non-Alcoholic beer was a bigger idea than just not drinking alcohol. We knew that our product had a chance to connect to our wholeness as humans. We needed a visual representation that stood for this idea of total wellbeing.

It’s what we found in this ancient Celtic symbol showing the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit.

For the Mind– Besides taking away all the health effects mentioned above, alcohol impairs your thinking. It’s dulls you, slurs your speech, slows your reaction time and is a natural depressant. It’s hard to be your best self with too much alcohol.

For the Body – As we are all rapidly learning, Non Alcoholic beer is functionally healthy for you. It’s full of anti-oxidents that tremendously boost your body’s power to heal after a workout and suppress colds. The German Olympic team uses it as a sports recovery drink and just won more Gold Medals than ever before at the Olympics. It’s low calorie, all natural, no sugar, no caffeine, vegan and frankly whups up on Gatorade nine ways to Sunday. That doesn’t even touch how alcohol itself effects the body.

For the Spirit – Beer is the ultimate social drink. It’s what you toast with and what you bond over and it’s been around for 1000 years. Ben Franklin once said that “Beer is proof that God loves us”. It raises your spirits. It connects you to humanity. To that we add, “NA beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to go to yoga in the morning.”

There are very few drinks that touch on all three of these pillars of humanity and we believe strongly that our NA craft beer is good for your entire wellbeing.

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